Youth Programmes

We do activities with youth such as concerts, teenage-pregnancy awareness, drug awareness, and camps. For the camps we go to a campsite where we play games and engage in discussion. We also run drama activities, such as bible story plays. We also do bible courses, where the youth can learn how to evangelize (ex: course EE3). During youth month (June), only the youth preach in the church on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

Another event we have organized is “Christmas for Youth” and “Christmas for the Eldery”. We gather donations of socks, tooth brushes, toiletries, and soap and give them as gifts to the Elderly. We also provide a lunch and sometimes food parcels. For the youth we collect and given them toiletries and cake. One memorable occasion was the day we celebrated Nonceba’s birthday. It was the first time in her life that she had a birthday party and cut her own cake!



Children and the elderly at the church Christmas party receiving gifts. 

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