Story of Pastor Maqogi

Pastor Monwa’s Ordination in 2010

My name is Monwabisi Maqogi. I was born in the Eastern Cape in an area called Queenstown. In our family there are 9 children, and I am the 7th child. I started school in the Eastern Cape and my father passed away in 1976. He left us in 1971 and went to Cape Town and he was violently killed in 1976. These were difficult years. I never got to enjoy my youth.  I accepted Jesus as my savior. 1992 was the year I was baptised. In 1993 I tried to kill myself, because the doctor told me I would never be able to have children. In 1995 I heard a voice from God that I must forgive everyone, and all those who did bad to me. I must forgive them deeply in my heart. After this forgiveness I started to regain my memory. Before that I found it hard to remember the events between 1991 and 1995. After I forgave, God restored the function of my private parts. I started to work with victim-survivors, to mobilize them to go to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). We gave each other strength. We gave hope to those who lost hope. In 2003 I was working with the University of Cape Town to do research on HIV and AIDS. This is when I realized people were dying before their time because of stigma and the loss of hope. That same year, I received a calling from God. I was not sure, but I became certain in 2005. I started the church called El Shaddai Christian Ministries in 2006. This name came to me in a dream. God gave me four children: Bonga (meaning ‘Praise the Lord’), Nwabisa (meaning ‘God make us happy’), Kazimla (meaning ‘God always shine’), and Khanam (God ‘build with us’). When Khanam was only four months old, my wife, Nokubonga, passed away. At the church, we continue to preach, help, and uplift our community. On this website you will see some of our initiatives.

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