HIV Initiatives

T-Shirt Campaign

In 2003 I worked for the University of Cape Town doing research on HIV and AIDS. I started to see that people were dying before their time because of stigma and I started to do workshops to bring people more information on HIV and AIDS. I started by using my own money to buy t-shirts. The t-shirt said “I’m living with HIV, your God is still my God” and “I’m living with HIV, Jesus still loves me”.

If you would like to donate T-Shirts to this campaign please contact us.


HIV Awareness Workshops

I also went to different churches to speak about HIV. Some churches were rejecting people because they were HIV positive. The pastors would act as though nobody in their congregations had HIV. But after speaking to the members of the congregation, I realized that they were not revealing their HIV status because of the stigmatizing things pastors were saying in their sermons, especially judging those were HIV positive. Some people started calling me to talk about their status and from this we started some support groups. I started travelling all over South Africa to give workshops about HIV/AIDS and support groups.

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